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The scenery of everyday life seen from the artist's perspective has become a way to communicate with the world, and every day, she goes for a walk, not simply for relaxation, but to take a step forward with an earnest will for life. The landscape photos captured along the way are piling up like records, and we follow those steps and walk together on a new journey path.


As the artist walks around her neighborhood repeatedly daily, she encounters common aspects of nature such as familiar trees, grass, roads, sky, sunset, wind, and wildflowers. Such appearances are so joint that we pass them by and do not attach much meaning to them. However, there must be a reason why the artist is interested in all of these things and captures them in her eyes while taking walks repeatedly as if she were going on a journey and projecting what she desperately desires. Deep emotions and connection arise as if looking at the artist's paintings because we encounter the story of the time the artist focused on.


Through her work, she shows the feeling of walking silently toward the right path in relationships, which is what we should do through walks. The end of a careful brushstroke is always full of rough, fluttering energy and longing, and we can feel the wriggling movement to go somewhere. In the hidden expressions, the eyes become more earnest. A mixture of laughter and sadness appears, and the appearance seems humorous without hesitation, probably because the artist's unique emotional excitement is well captured.



BORN IN 1970




BFA in Western Painting, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, Korea

Aufbaustudium: Painting (Prof. Peter Chevalier), Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany




2022 I can't take my Eyes off you, A_Lounge, Seoul 

2021 Winter Wind, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2018 Tree Shadows, TONG-IN Auction Gallery, Seoul

2017 Relay Exhibition, b.cut Gallery, Seoul

Romantic Landscape, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2015 Confession, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2014 Confession, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2013 Flowing Thinking, Hoam Faculty House, Seoul

2010 The Pasty Forest, Gaheodong 60, Seoul

2009 Into the Landscape, Cyart Gallery, Seoul

2006 The Painter's Eyes, KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul

2005 Burlesque Paintings, Brain Factory, Seoul

2003 In a Jungle, Noam Gallery, Seoul

2003 Psychological Self-portraits, Songeun Gallery, Seoul

1998 Gallery Boda, Seoul

1996 Galerie Hifistudio Wittmann, Stuttgart, Germany



2023 A familiar me, a familiar stranger, Gallery HOHO, Seoul

2023 MAGIC WORLD, Cheongna Blue Nova Hall, Incheon

2023 Der Grüner Salon, Galerie im Helferhaus, Backnang, Germany

2023 Museum of Masic, Yeulmaru, Yeosu

2022 Daily life not so simple, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul

2022 Magic World, Hadong Art Gallery, Hadong

2022 Yeonhui Artfair, Gallery HOHO, Seoul

2021 Poetry painting exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of poet Kim Soo-young's birth, KYOBO BOOK CENTRE(gwanghwamun, hapjeong), Sooyoung Kim Literature Museum, Seoul

2021 <Drawing Box_Traveling Box>, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul

2020 H.U.G, VIT GALLERY, Seoul

2020 Consolation, for its warmth, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2020 Da CAPO-2020, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2019 IM, CHUNHEE & SINZOW, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2019 Matters of Women, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul

2018 2017 SeMA's New Acquisitions: Heaven, Earth & Man, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2018 Da CAPO-2018, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2017 again 2014, Leejungseob Art Museum exhibit hall, Jeju

2017 International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan, Ulsan

2017 Support Sarubia, Project Space SARUBIA, Seoul

2017 ArariPlatform-POP, Art Terminal_Small Museum, Jeongseon

2017 DREAM ON DRAWING, Zaha Museum, Seoul

2016 Found in Life, Gidang Art Museum, Jeju

2016 Plant Fantasy, Hoyeon Gallery (Kyonggi Univ.), Suwon

2016 Neutral zone_Between real and virtual image, IGONG gallery, Daejeon

2016 ARTWORKS, Gallery3, Seoul

2016 Da Capo 2016, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2015 Relaxed scene, Gidang Art Museum, Jeju

2015 Soma Drawing_indifference, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul,

2015 The discovery of painting, Gallery3, Seoul

2015 <Facial expressions and gestures_Museum Collection>, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul

2015 Shall We Dance?, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2015 FROM THE LINE, Gallery 3, Seoul

2015 Repeat Mark 2015, Gallery Dam, Seoul

2015 Exhibition of sixth artist-in-residence at Leejungseob Art Museum, exhibit hall, Jeju

2014 Days of Wind Island, Leejungseob Art Museum, Jeju

2013 Who are youⅠ, Samtan Art Mine, Jeongseon, Gangwon-do

2013 Stroll: Walking Slowly, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju

2012 Artist, See the Artist, Eve Gallery, Seoul

2011 art: gwangju:11, Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju

2011 Homage to Morandi: Essence of Art, Brain Factory, Seoul

2011 A Leap from the Deep-Sea, Woonjung Green Campus (Exhibition Hall), Seoul

2011 view comment, Daecheong ho Art Museum, Cheongwon

2010 Exhibition70-60, Gaheodong 60, Seoul

2010 neither close nor far away, Bebelstrasse 12a, Stuttgart, Germany

2009 1+1, Gallery Liz, Namyangju

2009 With art, With artist!-ArtRoad 77, Artspace With Artist, Heyri

2009 My Favorite, Gallery Urban Art, Seoul

2008 Sense & Sensibility, Gallery Urban Art, Seoul

2008 Impossible Homecoming, Gallery Hyangri, Seoul

2008 Drawing Now 01 – Blasphemous & Secret, SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul

2007 Seoul Open Art Fair, COEX Convention Hall, Seoul

2007 Imfuse, imbue+diffuse, Gallery Velvet, Seoul

2007 Art Villagers, Gallery Young, Seoul

2006 Korea Young Artist Biennale, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Daegu

2006 Final Countdown, Reihe 22 Galerie Kunstlertreff, Stuttgart, Germany

2006 SongEun Art Awards, Insa Art Center, Seoul

Art Villagers, Art Village Nurturing Artists, Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul

2003 University of Ulsan College of Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition VI, Hyundai Art Gallery, Ulsan

2003 Dream Works, Gallery Gaia, Seoul

2002 University of Ulsan College of Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition V, Hyundai Art Gallery, Ulsan

2002 An Encounter of Painting with Ceramic Art, Gallery Liz, Namyangju

2001 Chunhee Im, Stefanie Krueger–Painting, Reihe 22 Galerie Kunstlertreff, Stuttgart, Germany

2001 Touching the Scull of Romanticism, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Jangheung

2000 Chunhee Im, Markus Correnz, Inter-art Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany

2000 The Inside, the Outside, Kunstverein Aalen, Aalen, Germany

1999 Freizeit ist Freiheit, Galerie Alpiersbach, Alpiersbach, Germany

1999 Vision of the East, Karastadt, Stuttgart, Germany

1999 Bilderwelten, Banknhaus Elwanger & Geiger, Stuttgart, Germany

1999 Verbal, Non-verbal, Neubaull in Abk Stuttgard, Stuttgart, Germany

1998 Young Artist Exhibition, Banknhaus Elwanger & Geiger, Stuttgart, Germany

1997 Bilder-Studenten der Klasse Prof. Chevalier, Justizministerium, Stuttgart, Germany

1993 Imaginary Space, Gallery Doll, Seoul

1993 The Equatorial Zone, Chongnam Art Museum, Seoul

1992 A Walk in the Park, Gallery Doll, Seoul

1992 The Equatorial Zone, Chongnam Art Museum, Seoul

1992 People – Ways of Expression, Youth Art Museum, Seoul

1992 National Rising Artist Exhibition, Youth Art Museum, Seoul


Seoul Museum of Art

Seoul Olympic Museum of Art

National Museum of Contemporary Art (Art Bank)

Seoul City Hall Cultural Headquarters Museum


Jeju Museum of Art

Leejungseob Art Museum

Gidang Art Museum

Banknhaus Elwanger & Geiger, Gremany

Hans Reicheneker GmbH+Co., Gremany

Acp-IT AG, Germany


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