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Through sculpture and installation, various aspects that can arise from tensions such as difference and homogeneity, overlap and exclusion, conflict and negotiation inherent in the boundaries of materials are shown. In particular, I am interested in how technology reflects the current physical reality itself by expressing a world of new possibilities that transcend the conflicting boundaries between nature and artificiality.


It shows imaginary substitutes recombined by dismantling, overlapping, and transforming specific structures that can be found in living and non-living, artificial and mechanical forms. Its unknown form is clearly distinct from metaphorical symbols or anthropomorphic machines that imitate nature, and can be said to be a biological model synthesized at the borderline where reality and virtuality meet. It may be a cell, an animal, a plant, or a fragment of mineral matter, or sound and light, or it may be an aggregate that forms a colony from a single entity.


The process of creating a new object is always non-linear and unplanned, and the contingency of the visual and physical responses of each part is activated as much as possible. The goal is to choose a method that can reveal the properties of the non-art materials used, such as aluminum, transparent or translucent PVC panels, reflective cloth, wire and beads, that is, their cold or dry, light or heavy conditions. The resulting uncertainty remains in the final result of the work.


A different world unfolds through the negotiation between the structure's inevitable fate of gravity and the various X and Y axes that disturb it. The various conditions of possibility faced by materials, such as irregular arrangement, elaborate symmetry, and natural stretching due to gravity and its reversal, become the materials and driving force of the work. Clues to life and death are found in the subtle echoes of space and material. Ultimately, the goal is to capture and record the moments of friction that are created at the boundaries of relationships where the conditions of existence collide.

LUCY-Moss on Rocks



2009 MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London / UK

2002 MA Sculpture, Chung - Ang University/ Korea

1999 BA Sculpture, Chung - Ang University/ Korea



2024 THE ONE PIECE OF ART : LUCY - Moss On Rocks / Artbn, Seoul

2021 Lucy/ Chapter II Yard/ Seoul

Lucy/ Chapter II/ Seoul

2019 Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds/ obscura/ Seoul

Seoullo Pup-up Museum, Hello Museum+Outer Space Embassy/ Seoullo 7017/


2018 Cosmic Scenery/ Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art/ Ansan

Cosmic Still life/ LEESANWON Museum of Art/ Chuncheon

2017 Cosmic Still Life/ Sangup Gallery/ Seoul

2016 Outer Space Embassy/ Tenderpixel Gallery/ London

Outer Space Embassy/ 17717/ Seoul

Welcome to the cosmic world/ Seong Buk Art Studio-Window Gallery/ Seoul

2015 Unidentified Flying Existence/ Space K/ Daegu

2014 Cosmic Life/ Amado Art Space/Lab / Seoul

Welcome Space Brothers!/ PlaceMak/ Seoul

2013 Lucy In Black/ Window Gallery, Gallery Hyundai/ Seoul

2012 Nowhere/ Art Sunje Lounge Project/ Art Sunje/ Seoul

2010 Blackout/ Tenderpixel gallery/ London, UK

Hideout/ APO33/ Nantes, France

2004 Focus / space Cell / Seoul, Korea

2003 Freeze / gallery Dol / Seoul, Korea

2001 Decolouring / gallery SAGAN / Seoul, Korea



2022 Horizontal Aesthetics/ mM Artcenter/ Pyeongtaek

Hybrid Baton : Atypical Feast/ Gallery Baton/ Seoul

Hardener/ Seoul

2021 Countdown 2021/ Sejong Center/ Seoul

2019 Seeing Unaccompaied/ Chapter II/ Seoul

2018 Nonunifiable Heterogeneous Individuals/ Gyeonggi Creation Center/ Ansan, Korea

Urban Collective Seogye/ Anchor Villa/ Seoul, Korea

Unofficial Discourser/ Gyeonggi Creation Center/ Ansan, Korea

Deerupt Artcon/ Adidas Basecamp 107/ Seoul

2017 The city of Marginal Men/ Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center/ Goyang

Round Around/ Seoul Youth Hub/ Seoul

Regenerative Wandering/ Seongbuk Dowon/ Seoul

Landscaping of O/ Seongbuk Dowon/ Seoul

Finding the Hidden Museum/ Hello Museum/ Seoul

2016 Idea Shop/ Seong Buk Small Gallery/ Seoul

Apricot Shop/ Space Salgoo/ Seoul

2015 COEXISTENCE/ Yangpyeong Art Museum/ Yangpyeong

Sculptures & New Contemporary/ Juliana Gallery/ Seoul

PLAY/ Hello Museum/ Seoul

Run the DMZ/ Yanggu Porcelain Museum/ Yanggu

Seongbuk Art Zoo/ Seongbuk Dowon/ Seoul

2014 10 Solo Show/ Hello Museum/ Seoul

Infinity/ Space K/ Gwacheon

2013 Out Of Box/ Hello Museum/ Seoul

Contemporary Travel/ Ilhyun Museum/ Yangyang

2012 Animal Farm/ Space K/ Kwangju

The Table/ AK gallery/ Suwon

Abstraction Again/ Space K/ Gwacheon

2011 ‘SAGS’/ The Woodmill/ London, UK

The bottom line/ Tenderpixel gallery/ London, UK

2010 Traverse tourist/ Tenderproduct store/ London, UK

The Alchemists/ Edel Assanti/ London, UK

The Open West/ Summerfield Gallery/ Cheltenham, UK

The Devil’s Necktie/ The Woodmill/ London, UK

2009 group/grope / Area10 / London, UK

2008 4482 / Barge House / London, UK

10/10/10 / Tenderpixel gallery/ London, UK

2007 Colourless / Tenderpixel gallery / London, UK

Not Available / the bus / Seoul, Korea

2005 Dainty / Cais gallery / Seoul, Korea

2004 Gulliver’s Travels / Sungkok Art Museum / Seoul, Korea

2003 Dancing Colour / gallery SANG / Seoul, Korea

Pleasure Factory / Seoul Museum of Art / Seoul, Korea

Contemporary Art, Media-Installation/Daegu Culture&Arts Centre /Daegu, Korea

‘Song of Life’ Spring Story / Gana Art Centre / Seoul, Korea

Black and White Monologue / gallery SANG / Seoul, Korea

New Frontier / Daegu Culture & Arts Centre / Daegu, Korea

Environment Art ‘Water’ / Seoul Museum of Art / Seoul, Korea

2002 Our Christmas / gallery Inn / Seoul, Korea

Chemical Art / gallery SAGAN / Seoul, Korea

1st Yuk-Gap-Mun Open-gallery Project / The waterfront of the Han river / Seoul

Korea Young Artist Biennale-Thousand Thoughts, Thousand Ways / Daegu Culture & Arts centre / Daegu, Korea

‘Chun Byun Man Hwa’ Spring Story / Gana Art Centre / Seoul, Korea

House ProjectⅡ- cafe SAh / Seoul Auction / Seoul, Korea

2001 Young Creativity -To See, To Be Seen / Sejong Art Museum / Seoul, Korea

apARTment / gallery Boda / Seoul, Korea

2000 Flee Market Make-up / Hong-Ik Univ. Flee Market / Seoul, Korea

21C Next Generation / Sejong gallery / Seoul, Korea

1999 Seoul Fringe Festival, Ho-Hyoung-Ho-Jae / Seoul Arts Centre / Seoul, Korea

BODY / Deokwon gallery / Seoul, Korea



2001 Grant for “Decoloring”, Art & Culture Education Service, Korea

2014 Grant for “Cosmic Life”, Art Council Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture, Korea




2010 APO33/ Beyond Signal #14/ Nante, France

2013~2014 Mong-In Art Studio/ Seoul, Korea

2018 Gyeonggi Creation Center/ Ansan, Korea




Space K

Korean Stone Art Museum

Lee Sang Won Museum of Art

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