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Park Cheon Wook

Artist PARK CHEON WOOK focuses on the informativeness of new sculptures rather than on interpreting and installing previous spaces. He dismantles the original object, transforms the form, and reassembles it to design something different. 

PARK boldly incorporated his own experimental and witty language into it, purchased a mass-produced chair with a standardized personality, and breathed new life into an object with enough information and materials to become a work of art. The shock of newness that sublimated Duchamp's ready-made toilet into art and  PARK CHEON WOOK's 『Growing Autonomously』 are at a point where they are fused with the leisurely time of everyday life and have a variety of It can shine on its own. It stands independently as a work of art. 



born in 1982, Republic of Korea



2020 Ph.D, major in Sculpture, Hong-Ik University, Seoul

2009 M.F.A, major in Sculpture, Hong-Ik University, Seoul

2007 B.F.A, major in Sculpture, Hong-Ik University, Seoul



2021 Contradiction garden – Space Flat, Seoul

2021   Saying is one thing, Doing is another - Alternative Artspace IPO, Seoul

2018   Half  Side, Other Side - Art Place, Seoul

2014   Kindness_belief of (  )seconds - Suwon Art Center PS2, Suwon

2013   Without Belief - Gallery chosun, Seoul

2012   Spring up project part1_Rainbow Direction - Gallery Space Can, Seoul

2009   ALASKA ZEBRA - Gallery kunst Doc, Seoul

2009   The moment of reconciliation - Gallery boda, Seoul



2021   Connection and Discovery - Mullae Arts Support Center, Seoul

2021   Art & Love - Application of FleaAuction ,

2020   Language of Heukseok - DongJak Art Gallery, Seoul

2019   Sool Sool Lab pre-opening - Sool Sool Lab, Seoul

2019   Visual Artists Market - Palais de Seoul/Chung-ju Cultural Hall, Seoul/Chung-ju

2019   NO LIVE - COSMO40, Incheon

2019   Pick, Link - Laheen Gallery, Seoul

2018   Art369 - Art Place, Seoul

2018   Aesop's Humor - Art Museum VERSI, Yongin

2018   Of Nature - Suwon I Park Museum of Art, Suwon

2018   SFAC Promising Artists Showcase Exhibition - Post Territory ujeongguk, Seoul

2017   ABSINTHE 1 - Art Place, Seoul

2017   I Love You, I Love You Not - HITE Collection, Seoul

2017   Ignition Point - Insa Art Space, Seoul

2016   Operation of Color - Space 9, Seoul

2016   Richard's Collection of Joseon Art - Jemulpo Club, Incheon

2016   Change prosaic:Han Yong-un_The Silence of My Beloved - HongJu Culture Center, Hongseong

2016   Autonomously - Elephant Art, Seoul

2016   The language of things - Space K, Daegu

2016   Language of Mullae - Gallery Jungdabang Project, Seoul

2016   Experiment & Expression - Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2016   Dimension - Gallery Shinsegae, Seoul

2015   The Cheonggye Fall Sports Festival - Seun Arcade, Seoul

2015   TEAF2015_Beyond Walled Enclosure - Taehwa River Ecology Park, Ulsan

2015   Nanji Art Show_The Shape of Ginger - SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall, Seoul

2015   Salon de SeMA : SeMA's New Acquistions 2014 - Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2015   Affinity 90 - Gallery chosun, Seoul

2014   Tomorrow 2014 - DDP Museum, Seoul

2014   A Garden of Million Layers vol.1 - Nami island, Chuncheon

2014   Occupy Jungmiso - Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul

2014   The Spring of Yangpyeong - Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong

2013   Round Up_Emerging Artists - Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2013   Neverland, the first room - Danwon Art Museum, Ansan

2013   The Power of Arrows across Eras_Sulwha cultural exhibition - Gallery Ihn, Seoul

2012   Project 72-1 - Hong ik elementary school, Seoul

2011   HOMA Curator Project_Outside Insight - Hong ik Museum of Art, Seoul

2011   Emergency Landing, Unfamiliar Scenes - Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2010   Fair art Project in doors art Fair - Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul, Korea

2010   Eighteen Masterpieces - The Classic Golf course, jeju island

2010   Bibilotheque - Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul

2010   Frame, Frame - Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul

2010   Face to face - Gallery Kepco artcenter, Seoul

2010   STAGE REALITY - Salon de H, Seoul

2009   Seogyo Nanjang 2009 - Gallery Sangsangmadang, Auction Show, Seoul

2009   Modum - Gallery Sono factory, Seoul

2009   Gap - Gallery Cube Space, Seoul

2009   Chelsea Hotel No Longer Empty - Hotel Chelsea in New York City, USA

2009   Seogyo Sixty 2009: The Game for Respect - Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul

2009   Two Cities - Gallery Kring, Seoul

2008   ASYAAF, Asia student and Young artists art festival - Old Seoul Station, Seoul

2008   kppkorea - online exhibition

2007   Self Reflection - Alternative Space Team preview, seoul

2006   Type of Packing - 13.1 gallery, seoul

2006   APPETIZER - Alternative Space miccle, seoul



2015   SeMA Nanji Residency, seoul

2013   Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, seoul



Seoul Museum of Art 

Private collections

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