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Kim Sea Joong

Artist KIM SEA JOONG began by visualizing the abstract concept of Yunseul​ (ripples that sparkle in sunlight or moonlight) that he wanted to express as a slightly flat rather than an infinite space. It was created through countless times and processes, from painterly brushstrokes to three-dimensional forms. In the process, irregular or unpredictable structures interlock with each other to develop new formative forms.

Through the interaction of various components, new phenomena and orders with different characteristics are created. Forgiveness, which varies greatly depending on the combined state and combination, creates coexistence and an inseparable relationship like a living organism. Each part is closely connected and has an organic relationship with each other. PIGMENT BLUE, the artist's symbolic color, symbolizes tranquility and peace. It forms a different relationship with the darkness (shadow) on the other side, which contrasts with the vibrant and splendid energy of light and harmoniously expands into infinite space by adding the artistic imagination the artist wants to express.




Lives and Works in Korea



2006 MFA, Arts Plastiques, Université de Paris VIII, Paris France

2002 BFA, Arts Plastiques, Université de Paris VIII, Paris France

1999 Graduated from Ecole des Beaux Arts de Versailles, Paris France



2001-2002 President of the Korea Youth Writers Association  

2007-2008, Director of the Korea Mural Research Institute



2018~Present Basic Sculpture / Contemporary Aesthetics, Department of Painting, Dongduk Women’s University, Korea

2018~Present Space & Basic Drawing, Department of Design, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Korea  

2012-2014 Complex Media Techniques/ Western Painting Material Techniques, Painting Department,  Sejong University, Korea    

2007-2008  Basic Drawing Practice, Visual Design Department, Hyeopseong University, Korea

2007-2008  Person Expression Practice 3, Buddhist Painting Department, Dongguk University, Korea



2013 Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea

2011 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

2002 Prix du conseild’arrondissement 2002, Paris

And more in private collections



2018~Present Gana Atelier, Studio, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2016 Purple Studio, Deokso, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2014 Cite International Paris, France

2013 Purple Studio, Deokso, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2010 Gana Studio, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2009 Gong Space Residency, Hwantier Lee Su-cheong, Beijing




2021 Space Sajik, Seoul

2020 Space Bar, Seoul

2018 Space Bar, Seoul

2017 Gallery Purple, Namyangju, Gyronggi-do, Korea

2017 2tti space, Seoul

2014 Gallery bk, Seoul

2010 Gallery M, Seoul

2008 Gallery Gong, Seoul

2006 Gallery Cite des Arts, Paris

2006 Gallery Kim Bernardin, Paris

2005 Gallery Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris

2000 Gallery La maisond'Olive, Paris

1999 Gallery Elephant Blanc, Paris


2021 Art walks into PANGYO, Art Space KC, Pangyo

2021 Dongduk Education and Culture Center Opening Exhibition, Dongduk Education and Culture Center, Seoul

2021 Chaechanran Oh Monochrome, 2021 Jeonnam International Ink Biennale, Jeonnam

2021 A certain trace, a turning gaze_a mark, Sahmyook Building, Seoul

2020 If you realize the blue of hearing (Kim Se-joong, Shin Shin-woon), Empty House Project, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

2020 BAMA Busan Art Fair, Busan

2020 Super Color, Super Artists, Lee Seoul gallery, Seoul

2020 Past, Present, and Future Exhibition for Dongduk People, Dongduk Women's University Museum, Seoul

2019 From Here to Eternity, B-Gallery, Turku, Finland

2019 Accumulation- Building up time, (Kim Se-joong, Lee Seon-mi) two-person exhibition, Piamo Gallery, Seoul

2019 100 MOVIES 100 ARTISTS – 100 Years of Korean Cinema, Lotte Jamsil Avenuel, Seoul

2019 Beyond and Expansion, Atelier Aki, Seoul

2016 Traces of expansion, Lee Jung-ah Gallery, Seoul

2016 ArtCarpedium, Gallery Blackstone Gallery, Icheon

2016 Androgyny Ⅲ& Gallery Weekend Korea 2016, Atelier Aki, Seoul

2016 Start Art Fair, SAATCHI Gallery, London

2016 Art Busan, atelier aki gallery, Busan

2016 BE… ENSEMBLE., art lounge, Seoul

2016 G.P.S 2nd Art Navigator (Studio Resident Artist Exhibition), gallery PURPLE, Namyangju Deokso

2016 Singapore Contemporary Art Show, atelier aki gallery, Singapore

2015 Androgyny (Doojin Yoon, Sejoong Kim), atelier aki gallery, Seoul

2015 Three People, Three Colors Exhibition, Black Stone Gallery, Yeoju

2015 Spore, Gallery Hogam, Seoul

2015 Eco Round, Insa Gana Art Center, Seoul

2015 chapter; A hybrid of nature, science, and art, Naro Space Center Space Science Museum, Goheung

2014 GLOVE, Lig Art Space, Seoul

2014 Changwon Asia Art Festival, Seongsan Art Hall, Changwon

2014 COOL RUNNING, Lotte Gallery, Seoul

2014 COUCOU PARIS, Art Space K, Seoul

2013 Post Paris, Gallery Wee, Seoul

2013 Art Gwangju Fair, Gong Art Space, Gwangju

2013 Studio Resident Artist Exhibition, Gallery Purple, Deokso

2013 Parallax, Gallery Leeang, Seoul

2013 Primavera Exhibition, Amway Art Museum, Bundang

2013 A spring breeze blows in front of Dasaheon yard, Yeoseong Chosun, Seoul

2012 Sansu dot in, LIG ​​Art Space opening exhibition, Seoul

2012 Icheon International Sculpture Symposium Special Exhibition, Icheon Art Hall Art Gallery, Icheon

2012 Triangle, Parallax, Gallery Paled Seoul, Seoul

2012 Harmony of the inner side, Blackstone Gallery, Icheon

2011 Return to Korea, Mudeung Gallery, Gwangju

2011 Pictogram Exhibition, Black Stone Gallery, Icheon

2011 Parallax Exhibition, Army Art Museum, Dangjin

2011 CLIO BOX Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2011 Nouveau Deppach, Leeang Gallery, Seoul

2011 Parallax Exhibition (after paris80...image), Gallery Paled Seoul, Seoul

2010 Cheongdam Art Festival, Cheongdam 48, Seoul

2010 Daegu Art Fair, Gallery M, Daegu

2010 Book Hanger, Sungkyun Gallery, Seoul

2010 Happy Bowl Exhibition, Gong Art Space, Seoul

2010 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2010, Gallery M, Seoul

2010 Seoul Open Art Fair (SOAF), Gallery M, Seoul

2010 Nusun Exhibition, Alternative Space Space Sun, Seoul

2010 Parallax, Gallery Keresta, Seoul

2009 Beautiful Bridge Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2009 CUVE Exhibition, Gallery Spaceda, China

2009 Parallax Exhibition, Gallery Leeang, Seoul

2009 Spring-Before Approaching, Sonamoo Gallery, Seoul

2009 Old Future, Topo House, Seoul

2009 New Generation of New Space, Kring, Seoul

2008 Ace Artists Hotel Art Fair 2008, Ramada Hotel, Seoul

2008 Five Pathways Exhibition, Gallery CNC, Busan

2007 Parallax, Gallery Young, Seoul

2007 Pleasant Betrayal, Gallery Leeds, Yangpyeong

2007 The Room2007, Gallery Hyundai Mia, Seoul

2007 The Room2007, Gallery Velvet, Seoul

2006 The 23rd Korean Artists' Exhibition, French Cultural Center, Paris

2006 Like a Dream, Gallery Mil Plato, Paris

2005 The 22nd Korean Artists' Exhibition, French Cultural Center, Paris

2004 2nd Tense Biennale, Tense

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