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< THE ONE PIECE OF ART >, organized by ARTBN, is an exhibition-type art project that focuses on a single piece of work by a selected artist and shows the artist's art world in more depth, along with a production video.

THE ONE PIECE OF ART: DEMETER / 원피스아트 김나리, 아트비앤 서울

THE ONE PIECE OF ART: DEMETER / 원피스아트 김나리, 아트비앤 서울

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 <When Talking About Clouds>


We are introducing the fourth project of THE ONE PIECE OF ART, 
KIM NA RI's solo exhibition, 'DEMETER,' <When Talking About Clouds>.  
Through this exhibition, artist  KIM NA RI captures new energy and vitality through many years of perseverance as if coming out of a long tunnel. 

'DEMETER,' symbolizing artist  KIM NA RI's art, is one of the 12 Olympians in Greek mythology and refers to the goddess of the earth. "DEMETER" is the ruler of all nature and the god who presides over the seasons and brings abundance to the planet through conception, the birth of new life, blessings, natural circulation, order, and continuity. 

"On a high, blue autumn day, this exhibition will be complete finally

 when someone with free arms walks into the exhibition hall,

makes eye contact with this work and stops."
-Artist  KIM NA RI

Creating and completing each piece of work while containing new energy and vitality requires a lot of energy and time, just like raising a living organism. The primary material of the work is natural soil, and life is born from that wild land. And it is like receiving the sun's energy in the ever-changing natural environment to embrace and grow life on the earth. Like Demeter, who oversaw the earth's abundance through the planet's power, artist  KIM NA RI repeats the battle against absolute time, kneading, stacking, combing, shaping the soil, and baking it in a hot oven for several days.



'I stopped where I was going and looked at myself.
When I look at the footsteps that led me
My life will run out.
To the one who will ruin me and lead me to death
'I gave myself completely.'

-Marques <Love and Other Demons>



In THE ONE PIECE OF ART, a piece of work shows that only after extreme patience can a new living being of the highest beauty be created as a work of art. The video and one-piece work was completed with the meaning of returning to nature, conveying new hope and love in the artificial land where we live, in a rapidly changing city, after long-suffering.

ARTBN X Sparky VC produced the video co-production. 
(Copyright @ ARTBN)